Rules Page


Tokoseo is a platform that provides various access to download WordPress plugins, templates, and various public-licensed scripts (GNU/GPL) for free. With this platform, it is hoped that it can help people to get to know or participate in testing public software.

Considering that the files are GNU licensed, you must comply with all the rules that apply in Tokoseo to prevent unwanted things. The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL) is a set of free software licenses originally written by Richard Stallman for the GNU project.

The GPL license grants recipients of the software copy rights to use, modify and distribute the software freely, and uses copyleft to ensure that the same freedoms are applied to subsequent versions of the work.

The GNU Lesser General Public License is another version of the GPL that allows the use of non-free software libraries in free software. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) provides the GPL to anyone who wants to protect the rights of end-users (such as using, sharing, modifying, and studying) and even allows for the use of privately modified versions.

The GPL text itself is copyrighted, and the FSF is its holder. FSF allows its license to be used as a basis for creating new licenses as long as the derivatives do not use the GPL preamble and the name "GNU" without permission.

However, they strongly discourage this as it can cause license incompatibility that greatly affects the free and open-source software ecosystem. From the understanding of this license, you can conclude what is allowed if you use GNU/GPL licensed software from tokoseo.

  • By registering with tokoseo, we assume that all users agree to the existing regulations. Every user is free to download and use plugins without limits, but there is no guarantee or even assistance for free products.
  • All free products do not have support for future version updates, and version updates are only available to users of paid products. Users of free software must have a minimum deposit balance history of 1x to receive support for updating the latest version files in the future.
  • The admin has the right to ignore all version update requests from free users, except for some users who already have a deposit history. Tokoseo does not provide any installation services. To get full support, please purchase a license from the developer.
  • Although all files have passed various strict security filters before being published, any system failure is purely the responsibility of each user."

*The regulations may change without notice, make sure you always read all the regulations before using Tokoseo's services.